Employees By Alphabet

Directory - Employees by Alphabet

Name Job Title Email Phone Department Office
Blondo, Mike Library Security Officer mblondo@uncc.edu 704-687-1120 Security Atkins 106
Boardman, Erika Collection Maintenance Specialist efolse@uncc.edu 704-687-7635 Public Services Atkins 225 (2)
Boston, Annette Research & Technical Services Associate aboston4@uncc.edu 704-687-1129 Collection Services Atkins 225 (6)
Breed, Miana Atkins Fellow for Born-Digital University Archives Processing mbreed1@uncc.edu Special Collections & University Archives
Bruxvoort, Jenny Atkins Fellow for Assessment & Analytics jbruxvoo@uncc.edu Administration Atkins 268
Caruso, Beth Digital Pedagogy & Emerging Technologies Librarian elcaruso@uncc.edu 704-687-5910 Technology & Digital Strategies Atkins 227
Celecia, Jacqui Processing & Technical Assistant jmceleci@uncc.edu 704-687-1121 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins L42 (2)
Cline, Tyler Digital Archivist tcline11@uncc.edu 704-687-6186 Special Collections & University Archives L14
Cole, Bonnie Billing Specialist bcole@uncc.edu 704-687-1148 Public Services Atkins 101A (4)
Crocker, Thomas Technology & Multimedia Production Coordinator tcrocke2@uncc.edu 704-687-0165 Technology & Digital Strategies Atkins 226
Croxton, Becky Head of Assessment racroxto@uncc.edu 704-687-0480 Administration Atkins 270
Dean, Wade Library Linux Administrator ewdean@uncc.edu 704-687-1136 Technology & Digital Strategies Atkins L04
Detsch, Chris Software Developer cdetsch@uncc.edu 704-687-8022 Technology & Digital Strategies Atkins 252B
Dickson, Kate Copyright & Licensing Librarian kdicks12@uncc.edu 704-687-0482 Administration Atkins 257
Drake, Robin Metadata Cataloger redrake@uncc.edu 704-687-1123 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins L10 (06)
Drogan, Tom Library Security Coordinator tedrogan@uncc.edu 704-687-1119 Security Atkins 106
Eads, Denelle Employee Relations & Staff Development Librarian deads@uncc.edu 704-687-1165 Administration Atkins 253
Eanes, Olivia Reading Room & Archives Assistant oeanes@uncc.edu 704-687-1927 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins L10
Elysse, Marilyn Borrowing Specialist melysse@uncc.edu 704-687-1155 Public Services Atkins 236 (3)
Fansler, Dan Technology Support Analyst DanFansler@uncc.edu 704-687-1138 Technology & Digital Strategies Atkins L04
Gambuti, Bob Library Security Officer rgambuti@uncc.edu 704-687-1120 Security Atkins 106
Harris, Ryan Head of Research & Instructional Services rharr103@uncc.edu 704-687-5892 Public Services Atkins 134
Henry, Julie Metadata Cataloger JulieHenry@uncc.edu 704-687-1122 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins 900 (5)
Hoce, Betty Materials Physical Processor bjhoce@uncc.edu 704-687-1128 Collection Services Atkins 232
Houck, Robert Library Security Guard rhouck4@uncc.edu 704-687-1118 Security Atkins 106
Howell, Katie University Archivist chowel29@uncc.edu 704-687-1166 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins 900 (2)
Hypes, Shelly Director of Access Services slhypes@uncc.edu 704-687-8030 Public Services Atkins 141
Jeffers, Bill Public Historian wtjeffer@uncc.edu 704-687-1305 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins L42
Jefferson, Lee Assistant Facilities Manager lajeffer@uncc.edu 704-687-1115 Facilities Atkins G56
Johnson, Khadijah Technology Support Desk Assistant kjohn286@uncc.edu Technology & Digital Strategies 255, cubicle #3
Johnston, Rita Digital Production Librarian rjohn211@uncc.edu 704-687-1431 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins L15
Jordan, Brenda Library Security Officer mjorda35@uncc.edu 704-687-1120 Security Atkins 106
Kent, Tricia Processing & Technical Assistant pmkent@uncc.edu 704-687-1125 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins L42 (4)
Kilgore, Helen Library Aide 3 hkilgore@uncc.edu 704-687-0491 Public Services
Kim Wu, Somaly Head of Library Technology Innovation skimwu@uncc.edu 704-687-1112 Technology & Digital Strategies Atkins 269
Klubert, Chesney Library Personnel Specialist cklubert@uncc.edu 704-687-6322 Administration Atkins 264
Krumbine, Tracie Patron Services Manager tkrumbin@uncc.edu 704-687-1146 Public Services Atkins 101A (1)
Ladner, Betty Executive Director of External Relations bhladner@uncc.edu 704-687-5001 Administration Atkins 260
Lampkowski, Christin Atkins Fellow for Technology & Digital Media clampkow@uncc.edu Technology & Digital Strategies Atkins 268
Laracuente-Espinal, Analiz Office Assistant alaracue@uncc.edu 704-687-6043 Administration Atkins 265
Looby, Kim Instruction & Information Literacy Librarian klooby@uncc.edu 704-687-0028 Public Services 133A
Manceaux, Reese Data Specialist ramancea@uncc.edu 704-687-1114 Public Services Atkins 101D
Mason, Pamela Records Analyst pmason6@uncc.edu 704-687-8082 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins 900 (3)
McAdams, Jeff Engineering Librarian jmmcadams@uncc.edu 704-687-6163 Public Services Atkins 132B
McShane, Laura Library Instruction Associate Laura.McShane@uncc.edu Public Services Atkins 133A
Midgett-Nicholson, Amelia Atkins Fellow for Global Engagement amidget4@uncc.edu Public Services
Miller, Ryan Graphic & UX Designer rmille98@uncc.edu 704-687-0955 Technology & Digital Strategies Atkins 252C
Moore, Anne Dean of J. Murrey Atkins Library amoor168@uncc.edu 704-687-0145 Administration Atkins 263
Moore, Abigail Education Librarian amoor164@uncc.edu 704-687-6171 Public Services Atkins 138C
Moorefield, Renee Interlibrary Loan Service Coordinator RMoorefield@uncc.edu 704-687-1151 Public Services Atkins 236
Murphy, Jordan Library Communications Assistant jmurph69@uncc.edu 704-687-5956 Administration Atkins 263A
Nasta, Rocco Library Security Officer rnasta@uncc.edu 704-687-1120 Security Atkins 106
Nicholson, Joseph Metadata Librarian jnicho56@uncc.edu 704-687-8744 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins L11
Norton, Derek Head of Software Development DerekNorton@uncc.edu 704-687-5653 Technology & Digital Strategies Atkins 250 (accessed through Atkins 273)
Ornat, Natalie Humanities Librarian nornat@uncc.edu 704-687-1412 Public Services Atkins 138D
Otis, Stephanie Associate Dean for Public Services sotis@uncc.edu 704-687-5679 Public Services Atkins 248A
Pack, Andrew Manuscript & Reading Room Assistant apack3@uncc.edu 704-687-1168 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins 900
Pardue, Susan Reserve Specialist mspardue@uncc.edu 704-687-1143 Public Services Atkins 101A (5)
Perry, Crystal Overnight Coordinator cdperry@uncc.edu 704-687-1154 Public Services 101A (3)
Price, Bob Assistant Dean for Technology & Digital Strategies Bob.Price@uncc.edu 704-687-0490 Technology & Digital Strategies Atkins 251 (accessed through Atkins 273)
Price, Mark Technology Support Analyst smprice@uncc.edu 704-687-0441 Technology & Digital Strategies Atkins L04
Pullen, Julie Lending Specialist jpullen5@uncc.edu 704-687-1153 Public Services Atkins 236 (4)
Quinn, Patricia Patron Services & Accounts Coordinator pquinn6@uncc.edu 704-687-0884 Public Services 101A (6)
Reichard, Sharon Director of Library Communications & Public Relations SharonReichard@uncc.edu 704-687-0481 Administration Atkins 254
Reynolds, Mark Library Facilities Manager Mark.Reynolds@uncc.edu 704-687-1117 Facilities Atkins G57
Reynolds, Nancy Patron Services & Assessment Assistant nreynol2@uncc.edu 704-687-1150 Public Services Atkins 252 (B)
Rinalducci, Jenna Arts + Architecture Librarian jrinaldu@uncc.edu 704-687-8794 Public Services Atkins 128E
Rue, Stacy Digital Production Assistant slrue@uncc.edu 704-687-1377 Special Collections & University Archives L42
Sanders, Bridgette Social Sciences Librarian btsander@uncc.edu 704-687-1158 Public Services Atkins 138A
Scarborough, Beth Instruction & Information Literacy Librarian bammon@uncc.edu 704-687-0496 Public Services Atkins 131A
Schmitz, Dawn Associate Dean for Special Collections & University Archives Dawn.Schmitz@uncc.edu 704-687-1674 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins 10(02)
Scott, Dornette Catalog Maintenance Specialist dfscott@uncc.edu 704-687-1127 Collection Services Atkins 232 (2)
Sheridan, Matt Roaming Services Coordinator msherid7@uncc.edu 704-687-1856 Public Services Atkins 101A
Siler, Liz Collection Development Librarian esiler3@uncc.edu 704-687-1372 Collection Services Atkins 228
Sladwick, Sara Weekend Circulation Supervisor ssladwic@uncc.edu 704-687-1405 Public Services Atkins 101A (5)
Smith, Marquita Executive Assistant msmit520@uncc.edu 704-687-5370 Administration Atkins 262
Smith, Lisa Government Documents Assistant lsmith19@uncc.edu 704-687-1377 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins L42
Soler-Correa, Monika Borrowing Specialist msoler@uncc.edu 704-687-1144 Public Services Atkins 236 (6)
Sorrell, Melanie Science Librarian msorrel1@uncc.edu 704-687-8410 Public Services Atkins 132C
Spoor, Nicole Social Sciences & Education Librarian dspoor1@uncc.edu 704-687-1163 Public Services Atkins 135C
Sprague, Lindsey User Experience (UX) Coordinator lspragu4@uncc.edu 704-687-0083 Administration Atkins 252A
Spry, Brad Software Developer/Architect dbspry@uncc.edu 704-687-1140 Technology & Digital Strategies Atkins 252D
Thomas, Nikki Archivist for Collection Management nthoma33@uncc.edu 704-687-0339 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins 900 (1)
Threatt, John Acquisitions Recovering/Pay Specialist JTHREATT@uncc.edu 704-687-1131 Collection Services Atkins 232 (1)
Timberlake, Sophia Acquisitions Manager sptimber@uncc.edu 704-687-1108 Collection Services Atkins 225 (5)
Tingelstad, Catherine Instruction & Curriculum Engagement Coordinator ctingels@uncc.edu 704-687-0386 Public Services Atkins 135A
Tokoro, Shoko Electronic & Continuing Resources Librarian stokoro@uncc.edu 704-687-1102 Collection Services Atkins 230
Topham, Kate Atkins Fellow for Archival Collection Management System ktopham@uncc.edu Special Collections & University Archives Atkins L10
Vorhies, James Collections Maintenance Specialist jvorhie1@uncc.edu 704-687-1141 Public Services Atkins 225 (1)
Wigg, Valerie Electronic Resources Specialist vawigg@uncc.edu 704-687-0479 Collection Services Home
Wiley, Linda Serials Specialist lgwiley@uncc.edu 704-687-1109 Collection Services Atkins 225 (10)
Wilson, Thomas Library Maintenance Assistant cwils189@uncc.edu 704-687-1116 Facilities Atkins G66
Wilson, Alison Processing & Technical Manager aawilson@uncc.edu 704-687-1124 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins L42 (6)
Winecoff, Michael Associate Dean for Collection Services mkwineco@uncc.edu 704-687-1126 Collection Services Atkins 234
Wright, Tina Oral History Interviewer cwrigh7@uncc.edu 704-687-1171 Special Collections & University Archives Atkins L42 (5)