Proxy Cards

Proxy Cards will be issued to graduate assistants, teaching assistants, research assistants, and departmental secretaries upon written request (electronic or paper) from a faculty member. A proxy card will allow the assistant or secretary to check out material in the name of the faculty member.

Faculty members are responsible for monitoring all materials checked out by the person to whom a card has been issued in his/her name and for seeing that proxy card holders maintain good standing with the library. The faculty member who requests such privileges for his/her assistant or secretary is responsible for the return of any borrowed materials. Should the proxy card holder return damaged materials or fail to return materials, the requesting faculty member is responsible for replacement costs.

Proxy cards are not transferrable; the presenter of a proxy a card must be the person named on the card (photo ID will be required).

A proxy record will be set up for each person for whom such a card has been requested. Overdue materials, bills, recall letters, and any other correspondence accrued to this type of record will be sent to the requesting faculty member, not the student or secretary to whom it is issued. A card will be prepared and returned to the requesting faculty member for distribution to the assistant. Cards will not be given to the proxy at the time of request, but returned or sent to the requestor.

To request a proxy card, fill out the following Proxy Request Form online. You may also request a form at the Circulation Desk.